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Across the globe - from the port of New Jersey to the copper mines in trans-Sahel Africa - governments are wrestling with the issue of foreign financial influence and national security. This becomes even more acute in states that are trying to transition from conflict to stability: When should states allow or encourage other countries to invest in them, and what industries should they allow foreign companies to own or build? Should states allow foreign investment funds to build infrastructure, extract rare minerals, and operate ports? How does this support or undermine the legitimacy and authority of the state? Successful IW practitioners need to understand and be able to account for third-party influence in its many varieties.

Publication Date

November 2013


United States Naval War College, Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups


Newport, Rhode Island


Wealth Funds, Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups, Singapore

Sovereign Wealth Funds as Tools of National Strategy: Singapore’s Approach