Conference on Oceans Law & Policy


Monday, June 27, 2016 to Tuesday, June 28, 2016 | United Nations Headquarters, New York City

The 40th annual COLP conference was organized by the Center for Oceans Law and Policy in cooperation with the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, and the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations.

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Center for Oceans Law & Policy


New York City, USA


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Download Document (1.3 MB)

Download "Update on BBNJ Negotiations" - Captain J. Ashley Roach, JAGC, USN (retired) (307 KB)

Download "Climate Change and the Oceans: Navigating Legal Orders" - Karen N. Scott, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (12.9 MB)

Download "UNCLOS Article 82: A Review and the Hurdles to Implementation" - Wylie Spicer, McInnes Cooper (1.0 MB)

Download "Fostering Technological Change for Sustainable Harvesting of Ocean Mineral Resources in a Volatile Global Environment" - Kris Van Nijen, Global Sea Mineral Resource (3.0 MB)

Download "The Seabed Disputes Chamber: Moving Forward" - Frida M. Armas-Pfirter, Público Universidad de Buenos Aires (440 KB)

Download "Maritime Boundary Disputes and Compulsory Third Party Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Unresolved Issues" - Robert Beckman, National University of Singapore (1.4 MB)

Download "Towards Establishing a Stable Regime for Seabed Jurisdiction-the Role of the CLCS?" - Harald Brekke, Former member of CLCS (1.1 MB)

Download "Annex I to the Rules of Procedure of the Commission: Solution to a Problem or Problem without a Solution?" - Alex Oude Elferink, Utrecht University (74 KB)

Download "RFMOs and the Development of High Seas Fisheries Regulations" - Dustin Kuan-Hsiung Wang, Taiwan Normal University (865 KB)

Download "Ocean Governance for Sustainable Fisheries" - Stefaan Depypere, European Commission,DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (327 KB)

Download "The Importance of Marine Science in Sustainable Fisheries: The Role of the 1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement" - Alf Hakon Hoel, Counselor Fisheries & Oceans, Royal Norwegian Embassy (1.7 MB)

Download "Achieving Global Maritime Compliance through Regional Cooperation" - Adm. Charles Michel, Vice Commandant (1.1 MB)

Download "Technology and Maritime Enforcement: Is International Law Ready for the Future?" - Stuart Kaye, University of Wooongong (2.4 MB)

Download UN Building Image (1.9 MB)

Download NYC Conference Room Image (3.4 MB)

Download NY Conference Image (2.7 MB)

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