Conference on Oceans Law & Policy


Wednesday, May 23, 2018 to Friday, May 25, 2018 | Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town, China

Our 42nd Annual Conference was co-organized with the National Institute for South China Sea Studies and the Chinese Society of International Law.

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Download Document (212 KB)

Download "Peace through Joint Marine and Cruise Tourismin the South China Sea: A Potential Spotlight in Regional Cooperation?" - Yann-huei Song, Academia Sinica, Taipei (3.0 MB)

Download "Candy and Poisons: Thoughts on Protecting Marine Environments While Meeting Societal Needs" - Daniel Rittschof, Duke University (1.1 MB)

Download "The Duty to Cooperate in the Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment" - Chie Kojima, Musashino University (205 KB)

Download "EIA in Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment: A preliminary Study" - Qin Tianbao, Wuhan University (1.1 MB)

Download "Freedom of Navigation: Where to Go When Political Agenda Shadows Legal Substance" - Nong Hong, Institute for China-America Studies (1.6 MB)

Download "Freedom of Navigation in the American Experience" - James Kraska, U.S. Naval War College (952 KB)

Download "Straits Governance: Contemporary Issues On Passage Through Archipelagic Straits and Sea Lanes" - Jay L. Batongbacal, University of the Philippines College of Law (4.0 MB)

Download "Straits Governance: The Legal Regime Governing Passage on Routes used for International Navigation through Indonesian Waters" - Robert Beckman, National University of Singapore (5.0 MB)

Download "Securing the Safety of Navigation along the Maritime Silk Road" - Keyuan Zou, University of Central Lancashire (6.0 MB)

Download "Maritime Labour Standards and the Principle of ‘No More Favourable Treatment’" - Alexandros Ntovas, Queen Mary University of London (1003 KB)

Download "Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships In International Law" - Aldo Chircop, Dalhousie University (395 KB)

Download "Climate Change and International Shipping" - Sangmin Shim, Korea National Diplomatic Academy (565 KB)

Download "Towards the Establishment of a Search and Rescue Cooperation Mechanism in the South China Sea: Regulatory Framework, Challenges and Prospects" - Yubing Shi, Xiamen University (932 KB)

Download "Search and Rescue and International Law" - Rick Button, Office of Search and Rescue, U.S. Coast Guard (10.9 MB)

Download "Cross-Straits Search and Rescue at Sea: Past Experiences and Prospects" - Michael Sheng-ti Gau, Hainan University (1.0 MB)

Download "Reflections on the Past 25 Years of Ocean Law & Policy" - David Balton, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (1000 KB)

Download "Time to End the Tragedy of the Commons: Establishing Regional Fisheries Management Mechanism in Northeast Asia" - Kim Wonhee, Korea Maritime Institute (1.3 MB)

Download "Sustainable Fisheries: Opportunities and Challenges under the Blue Economy Approach" - Xue Guifang (Julia), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (1.3 MB)

Download "Combating IUU and the Development of International Fisheries Law" - Wang Kuan-Hsiung, Taiwan Normal University (1.3 MB)

Download "Tracing the Fight Against IUU Fishing from Sea to Table" - Kathryn Youel Page (312 KB)

Download "BBNJ: Developments Since Yogyakarta" - Captain J. Ashley Roach, JAGC, USN (retired) (776 KB)

Download "Resolving or Managing International Issues by Multilateral Cooperation" - Robert G. Volterra, Volterra Fietta (1.6 MB)

Download Beijing, Tiananmen Square Image (3.7 MB)

Download Beijing Conference Image (6.3 MB)

Download Beijing Conference Group Image (5.2 MB)

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