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This fifth maritime-centric EMC Chair symposium builds on the 2016 release of Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, which noted the “U.S. Navy has been a cornerstone of American security and prosperity.” The symposium will consider future directions of U.S. foreign policy and reflect on demands the country places on the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to advance and defend national interests. Participants from DOD, academia, and the policy community will convene in Newport to discuss the implications for sea power as the Design challenges the Navy to “Deepen operational relationships with other services, agencies, industry, allies and partners – who operate with the Navy to support our shared interests.” Participants will consider the impact of technology, contested seas, and maritime partnerships on sea control.

Publication Date

April 2017


EMC Chair Symposium


Newport, Rhode Island


EMC, Chair, Symposium, Sea, Control, Foreign, Policy

EMC Chair Symposium - Sea Control and Foreign Policy - Working Papers