Issue 3: Summer

A rendering of World War II-era maritime mines. In "Preparing Today for the Mines of Tomorrow," Joshua Edwards reviews traditional mining practices and the methodologies used to assess the effectiveness of mines and to plan their usage, and proposes new measures of effectiveness to account for the wave of technological innovation the field of maritime mining currently is undergoing.

Volume 72, Number 3 (2019) Summer 2019


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Issue 4: Autumn

A German U-boat searches the North Atlantic for Allied convoys during World War II. In “The Royal Navy and Organizational Learning: The Western Approaches Tactical Unit and the Battle of the Atlantic,” Geoffrey Sloan examines the question of improving tactical effectiveness through organizational learning, as applied to the example of the Western Approaches Tactical Unit of the Royal Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic

Volume 72, Number 4 (2019) Autumn 2019