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In September 2012, the International Mine Counter-Measures Exercise (IMCMEX 2012) was conducted for the first time. This event was a USCENTCOM sponsored, USNAVCENT led multinational exercise that fostered interoperability with coalition partners and enhanced MCM operational and support capabilities. IMCMEX 2013 will take place from 6-30 May, 2013. The following are major planning and preparation milestones for this exercise:

  • Concept Development Conference (CDC): 27-29 Nov 2012
  • Initial Planning Conference (IPC): 14-17 Jan 2013  Mid Planning Conference (MPC): 11-14 Feb 2013
  • Final Planning Conference (FPC): 11-14 March 2013

This exercise will build upon IMCMEX 2012 by broadening the scope of the exercise to include a number of inport and underway activities taking place in four phases addressing multinational MCM and supporting defensive measures. The exercise phases are:

  • Phase 0: Harbor Phase (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement & Integration (RSO&I))
  • Phase 1: Maritime Infrastructure Protection Symposium (MIPS)
  • Phase 2: Execution (Underway) Phase
  • Phase 3: Recovery and Debrief Phase