International Law Studies

International Law Studies (ILS)

International Law Studies (ILS) is a peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for prominent international law scholars and military practitioners to publish articles that contribute to the development and broader understanding of international law as it relates to military affairs. The journal uniquely focuses on the law of armed conflict, the law governing the use force, maritime security and law of the sea as they pertain to military strategy, policy and operations. Recently published articles have addressed topics such as the legal issues arising out of the Syrian conflict, the DOD Law of War Manual, Japan’s 2015 Security Legislation and humanitarian access in conflict zones.

Article Types
ILSincludes publication of the following types of articles:

  • Scholarly articles providing in-depth analysis on international law issues (normally 7,000–12,000 words)
  • Timely commentary on topics of current interest (usually 3,000–5,000 words)
  • Articles in fora, often drawn from hosted conferences and workshops

Submission Process
ILS primarily publishes articles by invitation, but also considers submissions of high-quality original scholarship. Articles are accepted on a rolling basis. Authors wishing to submit articles should send their article, along with a CV to the Editorial Board. There are no submission fees. Conformity with Harvard Blue Book is the preferred footnote style. A style guide is available here for your convenience. The Editorial Board is unable to provide feedback on articles not accepted for publication.

Editorial process
Articles are peer-reviewed by subject-matter experts. A professional editorial staff is responsible for the editorial process. In addition, each article is reviewed by those experienced in international and operational law matters.