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The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, has made it exceptionally clear through his strategic guidance that Navy’s principal tenet is “Warfighting First.” However, further examination of the CNO’s Sailing Directions, Navigation Plan, and policy speeches reveal that while warfighting is the Navy’s primary mission, it exists alongside many other missions that the Navy must be ready to execute 24/7 This is the first in a series of MOC Warfighter articles that investigates FHA/DR issues, and focuses on the key organizations and processes that DOD will interface with and support, as well as some of the basic principles that must be understood in order to provide MOC planners with a baseline level of knowledge to effectively plan a coordinated response and function within the typically ad hoc command and control (C2) structures that exist during FHA/DR operations. In particular, this article addresses several time-tested and emerging aspects of UN and US Agency for International Development (USAID) organization and doctrine that may be unfamiliar to many staff members.

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