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The International Programs department at the US Naval War College has developed an International Maritime Staff Operators Course (I-MSOC) in order to answer the demand signal from international partners for operational level focused maritime training. The first session of the course will be held in Spring of 2018. As described in the course overview, “The International Maritime Staff Operator Course (I-MSOC) is an unclassified, twelve week course jointly produced by the United States Naval War College (USNWC) International Programs and the College of Maritime Operational Warfare, to provide international naval officers the knowledge and skills needed to support the planning and execution of maritime operations and integrate with existing operational planning teams. Designed to meet the learning needs of O-3 to O-5 (NATO OF-2 to OF-4) maritime officers, the course uses the US Navy Maritime Operations Center (MOC) as an organizing concept, and is informed by NATO, UN joint and US Naval doctrine, with a special emphasis on the US Navy Planning Process as described in Naval Warfare Publication NWP 5-01 Navy Planning.” This article describes the I-MSOC development process as a preliminary high-velocity learning (HVL) implementation case study. For the purposes of this article, HVL experiences are powered by three “engines” or design principles: competency development focus, multidimensional assessment and metacognitive awareness. The I-MSOC use of these design principles is described below.