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The activities of multinational organizations, such as those of multinational task forces and multinational coalitions, are planned by operational level planning teams (OPTs). The major strength of multinational operations is the diversity of understanding the various participants bring. Discerning the signal amidst the noise emanating from multiple sources requires extensive effort from the OPT Leader. This entails that the primary function of the OPT leader can be understood as harkening to what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus referred to as the “concealed logos”. There are three ways in which the OPT Leader of a multinational OPT can hearken to the concealed logos as a means of enhancing leadership performance. These are articulating the nature of the multinational OPT, developing the Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (OODA) loop to ensure paradigm fit, and animating the Navy Planning Process (NPP).


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