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Given the advances of U.S. Cyber Command and its service components in developing cyberspace operations as a core military warfare area, there is tremendous opportunity for the Numbered Fleets to effectively leverage cyber to achieve operational effects within the maritime domain. More specifically, with the maturation of capabilities at TENTHFLT over the past four years, and more particularly at its subordinate CTFs, each aligned to directly support a specific fleet, the Maritime Operation Centers have unprecedented potential to creatively integrate cyber activities within their fleet plans and mission sets. The partnership between FOURTHFLT and CTF-1040 (NIOC-TX) and the success it has achieved in supporting the Joint Interagency Task Force-South (JIATF-S) in countering illicit trafficking activity in the Eastern Pacific and Caribbean is a fitting example of this potential, and revalidates the axiom “it takes a network to defeat a network.”

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