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Ingraining continuous professional development in our cyber warfare operators ensures excellence in future operations. A culture of professional development is easier to build in a controlled environment, such as onboard a warship, where outside distractions are scarce. As most cyber jobs will be on shore duty, there are many distracters that threaten to destroy the camaraderie and warfare focus our other warfare disciplines enjoy. A robust cyber culture promotes continual education, strengthens good habits and builds expert operators. Traditional classroom education and training methods that work for other warfare areas fall short in cyber. We know what we want SWOs, Aviators and Submariners to do, but the rapidly changing nature of cyber gives us only a murky vision of a good operator. Additionally, with a constant budget crisis that routinely eliminates training dollars, we must have an inexpensive distributed method of continual education. This paper provides six recommendations on how to make this happen.

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