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For several years the U.S. Air Force has advocated and employed a concept known as a “theater” Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC). According to Air Force Doctrine Document 1 dated 14 October 2011, “This model optimizes allocation of scarce airpower assets against competing demands across (an) area of responsibility (AOR).” Given the advent of highly capable anti-access and area denial weapons systems being fielded by potential regional hegemons, senior U.S. Naval officers have begun to consider how to implement a “theater” Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander (JFMCC) construct at the Navy’s forward Fleets. While the terms “service component commander” and “Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander” are clearly defined terms in joint doctrine the term “theater component command” is not. Similarly, the term “theater JFMCC” is not defined in current Navy doctrine. As the Navy sorts out organizational and functional policies related to a theater JFMCC construct there may be significant value in looking to WW II history for lessons learned.