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In 2012 the Navy MOC Training Team identified the dual-hatting of the Numbered Fleet Intelligence Director (N2) as MOC Deputy Director as an effective practice, highlighting that such a construct reinforces cross-functional integration at the MOC leadership level, mitigates seams between operations and intelligence, and assures activities are executed with an inclusive perspective. Surprisingly, despite this recognition, currently only two of the eight MOCs (at FOURTH and FIFTH Fleets) are organized in this way. The N2 as Deputy MOC Director reinforces the fact that intelligence activities at the operational level ARE operations and not simply a supporting operational function, and when rapid decisions are required within the MOC, they are executed by a consolidated leadership. The arrangement is also a model of the cross-functional integration essential at all levels, a foundational tenet of effective MOC processes. This paper details the efficacy of the Director of Fleet Intelligence serving as the Deputy MOC Director, and explains its advantages and highlights practical examples of its utility. More importantly, the article provides commentary from previous Fleet Commanders, and current and past MOC Directors and Deputies who have profited from the construct and who attest that the model drives unprecedented synergy, collaboration, and agility across all MOC lines of operation.

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