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On 15 January 2015, Joint Doctrine Note (JDN) 1-15 Operation Assessment was signed. Its purpose was to standardize an Operational Assessment framework and define elements used in assessments at the operational level of war. The US Naval Forces Europe/Africa (NAVEUR/NAVAF) Operational Assessments Directorate has incorporated the best practices and methodologies contained in the JDN into their assessment of African Partner Nations through the EXPRESS series of exercises. Beginning with the 2015 exercise cycle, the focus of the EXPRESS Series exercise assessment has shifted from strictly assessing Partner Nation performance in tactical tasks to assessments of operational tasks and objectives within a Regional Information Sharing Construct, such as the Yaoundé Code of Conduct. Performing assessments at the operational level provides greater insight into the effect of Partner Nation improvements in capacity, capability, and collaboration. This article describes these assessment processes as we have applied them at NAVEUR/NAVAF. We offer our experience as an example of how other Service and Agency Assessment Directorates can implement these processes when building their Operational Assessment framework.