Naval War College Review

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President's Notes


One of the exciting aspects of this centennial year for me has been the publication of the Centennial History of the Naval War College . In reading the history, I was particularly intrigued by the international influence that has persisted throughout the hi story of the War College. This influence was for ma li zed in 1956 with the establishment of the Naval Command College (NCC). As you may know, this senior level college was the inspiration of Admiral Arleigh Burke. His vision extended to human terms when he said, "When a man reaches the end of his active career in the service, he finds that the greatest asset that he takes with him for a lifetime of work in his service, is his friends. Men whom he knows, respects, admires-and above all-men he can trust." And that 1s the genesis of the Naval Command College, which since its creation has graduated eight hundred twenty-nine senior officers from 63 countries.