Naval War College Review

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Commanding Joint and Coalition Operations


Over the past two and one-half years U.S Eurpopean Command (USEUCOM) has engaged in diverse contingency operations throughout its area of continguous combatants commands. These wide-ranging military endeavors included evacuationg more than 2,400 noncombantants from a barbarous civil war in Liberia; conducting devestating air strikes flown from Turkey against Iraq during the Gulf war; swiftly deploying Patriot missle units from Germany to defend Israeli civilians against Iraqi Scud missles; rendering humanitarian aid aid to half a million displaced Kurds and then securing northern Iraq for their safe return home; transporting French and Belgian forces to Zaire and evacutaitong civilians in response to a widespread Zarian army in the northern Iraq for UN relief operations. All these operations required close coordination with friends and allies, often in a coalition context, to ensue success.

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