Naval War College Review

Article Title

Reflections on Reading


John E. Jackson


This is the land of the free in more ways than one! One dictionary definition of the word “free” is “enjoying personal rights or liberty.” America is known as the land of the free, and the nation’s military forces remain vigilant to maintain this freedom. But another meaning of “free” is “at no charge or no cost.” A basic tenet of the CNO’s Navy Professional Reading Pro- gram (NPRP) is that books should be made available for free to sailors through- out the fleet. Over 1,200 lending libraries of NPRP books have been established on board ships, in squadrons, and at naval facilities around the globe. Books can be checked out at no cost from each of these libraries. But there is another way sailors can borrow books on the NPRP list: thirty-three of the sixty titles are available at the Navy General Library section of the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) website, www.nko.navy.mil.