Episode 31: The China-Taiwan Challenge

Episode 31: The China-Taiwan Challenge


Jon O'Gorman


Andrew Wilson, Paul Smith, Colin Jackson



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In this episode Jon O’Gorman hosts members of the U.S. Naval War College faculty who are subject matter experts on China, Taiwan and U.S policy making; First, from the Strategy and Policy Department, Andrew “Dex” Wilson, second Paul J. Smith from the National Security Affairs Department, lastly, Colin Jackson, Chair of the Strategic and Operational Research Department and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia at the Pentagon. They begin by discussing the U.S. Policy towards Taiwan and the Chinese view of it. Next they debate why the rhetoric on both sides seems to be heating up in the current weeks. Next, they move to discussing the value of the object for both the Chinese and U.S, what the rational calculus is like for both parties views, and their assessments on conflict. Lastly, the guests debate how President Xi can be deterred from overt aggressive action and how the fate of Taiwan may be tied to the fate of Ukraine.

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Episode 31: The China-Taiwan Challenge