Women, Peace, and Security



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American Council on Women Peace and Security Founder, Dr. Susan Yoshihara, and Fellow, Dr. Grace Hoffman design, develop, and implement tailored WPS curricula. They will speak about their work at Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU). At DSCU, their team integrated WPS into training, certification, and graduate education. The hallmarks of their approach include close working relationships with the faculty, alignment with U.S. law, understanding of international and partner nation WPS perspectives and mandates, and the highest standards of scholarship. They believe that the faculty are the best educators of WPS within their courses due to their mastery of the material.

Security cooperation is the main way DoD implements WPS and DSCU teaches and certifies the 18,000-strong security cooperation workforce. Dr. Yoshihara will explain the way her team analyzed curriculum and tailored WPS for key courses with a view to how NWC faculty can approach Joint Military Operations and National Security Affairs. Dr. Hoffman will speak from the perspective of both a WPS instructor at DSCU and as a historian, who recognized the value of WPS to her own historical research. She will address how WPS can add value and bring new knowledge to courses that focus on historical cases.

Publication Date

May, 2023


U.S. Naval War College


Newport, Rhode Island


WPS., PME curriculum, Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU), security cooperation, Joint Military Operations, National Security Affairs, historical research

Curriculum Development at Defense Security Cooperation University