Women, Peace, and Security



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Learning to See is short for developing a useful strategic awareness and understanding of a dynamic and complex world. Preparing leaders for 21st Century challenges requires learning environments that are not only safe for honest intellectual inquiry and discourse but that are also richly diverse for fostering new and creative thinking. The Strategic Leaders International Course (SLIC) engages visual, musical, and written art and design in the classroom in order to better explore the human experience and create a learning environment that is conducive to creative thinking and self-discovery. Engaging art – viewing, reading, listening, creating - in the process of structured national security related learning introduces unexpected, uniquely-related content that offers intellectual and cultural on-ramps to new ideas and cultivates our capacity to think creatively. However modestly applied, art engagement can likewise offer untrodden pathways for Learning to See the relationships between Women, Peace, and Security in new ways. This presentation will offer a brief overview of the 4-week strategic leaders course, examples of uses and outcomes of art engagement in SLIC’s learning environment, and how the important relationships between Women, Peace and Security can be approached by an art-inspired journey toward Learning to See.

Publication Date

May, 2023


U.S. Naval War College


Newport, Rhode Island


WPS, PME curriculum, Critical Thinking, Leadership course, gender lens

Learning to See