Women, Peace, and Security



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Command Master Chief Joe Fahrney will be presenting on the conceptual and practical application of Key Enablers (KE) and the leader's obligation to create a Culture of Inclusion (CoI) in his breakout seminar at the USNWC Women, Peace, and Security Seminar. In his 33 years of active duty and operational experience as a Command Master Chief in the Naval Service, Joe has developed an understanding of the role of merit, character, competence, diversity, attracting and retaining talent, and creating positive reputations to improve trust in leadership.

Drawing heavily on the literature of Jennifer Brown and Ijeoma Oluo, Joe will explore the obligation of leaders to set the conditions for organizations to thrive in both competency and control of the organization's epistemology of cultures. He will highlight observations from highly successful organizations in public administration, military, academia, and private corporations and discuss the extent to which leaders must establish positive and developmental Cultures of Inclusion.

Attendees of Joe's breakout seminar will leave with a better understanding of the key enablers for team development and a culture of inclusion, the role of merit, and the obligation of leaders to create a learning culture that supports the highest potential of every individual in the organization. Joe will provide a practitioner's perspective and observations of the most successful organizations' ability to establish a genuinely thriving Culture of Inclusion (CoI) and provide a rubric of observations and recommendations for adapting educational practices to match better the cultural frames of public administration education, training, and development.

Publication Date

May, 2023


U.S. Naval War College


Newport, Rhode Island


WPS, PME curriculum, Culture of Inclusion, DEI

Culture of Inclusion Workshop