Women, Peace, and Security



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From the perspective of operational risk, that is, risk to mission accomplishment, gender is not always relevant. This is likely true in equipment-heavy, force-on-force engagements that occur outside the presence of civilians, whose perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors might otherwise be crucial to mission success in civilian-centric operations. In civilian-centric operations such as counterinsurgency or stability operations, the failure to consider gender likely does pose a risk to mission accomplishment. DoD's implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2017 has resulted in important progress in bringing greater attention to gender considerations in operations, but it has a gap in coverage. Consistent with the law, DoD's implementation of it does not meaningfully consider the operational relevance of gender in the kinetic parts of operations. However, the new DoD program on Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response provides an opportunity to factor gender into the kinetic parts in an operationally relevant way.

Publication Date

May, 2023


U.S. Naval War College


Newport, Rhode Island


WPS, gender, kinetic Operations, DOD, Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response

Tackling Gender in Kinetic Operations