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(MIWS/02 - Maritime Irregular Warfare Studies, Book 2)

This case study focuses on the evolution and development of the critical maritime region of the Russian Arctic out into the future. It specifically considers what the Russian state may initiate in Arctic economic projects, and what aspects of this region Russia will seek to control, in what will most certainly become one of the vital ocean corridors of the world. The case highlights what factors may constitute the outlines of further development in a region that is not only important today and is emerging as a vital resource area and transport waterway, but also one that could evolve into a zone of competition, or even conflict, during this era of great power rivalry.

The author explores important insights into how Russia may develop its Arctic maritime capabilities and use this region as a springboard to further Russian maritime power, as well as overall economic strength.

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United States Naval War College, Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups


Newport, Rhode Island


Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups, Russia, Maritime, Arctic

The Russian Maritime Arctic: Region of Great Change in the 21st Century