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Doctrine in 2018 does not adequately address assessments of cyberspace operations (CO) at the operational level of warfare. In fact, the proposed Air Land Sea Application (ALSA) publication on Operations Assessments as well as the assessments portions of JP 5-0 do not mention cyberspace at all. The Commander’s Handbook for Assessment Planning and Execution mentions cyberspace only once and then only in a quote referring to it as a domain. If assessments truly occurs at all levels of warfare as stated in the Commander’s Handbook, then the guidance should address all levels of warfare. Further, there is a tendency to treat CO assessments the same as other assessments. While alike in many ways, there are major differences in the force’s expertise level required to assess cyberspace operations (CO) as well as in the operational factors of time and space. For doctrine to address assessments in the cyberspace domain at the operational level of warfare requires an evolution of the people, processes and organization of the Maritime Operations Center (MOC).


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