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The military planning system provides a structured process through which contributions from the staff, as well as superiors and subordinate units, enable the Commander’s intent to unfold and become effective. Visual displays, in the form of diagrams explaining the steps in the process as well as serving as the resulting plans (often in the form of Power Point presentations) play an important role. As the Naval Warfare Publication 5-01 Navy Planning puts it, “Military planning, and by extension, Navy planning, is the process by which a commander (CDR) visualizes an end state as well as the arrangement of potential actions in time and space that will allow the realization of that future.” Checklists, decision support matrixes, tables articulating risks and other tools visually displaying planning process elements are central to planning process execution. In addition, visual tools concerning the process itself can facilitate education, training and execution of the Navy Planning Process (NPP). This paper puts forth a method to visualize the Navy Planning Process to better understand the process.