Naval War College Review


NWC Press Submission Policy

  • The author is responsible for securing formal permission for any copyrighted material included in the submission.
  • The author must disclose upon submission to the NWC Press if the work (or a portion of the work) has been published previously.
  • The author must inform the Press if the submission has been sent or will be sent to another publication while under consideration by the NWC Press.
  • The author must ensure that the content of the submission does not violate security or policy clearance strictures; submissions must contain unclassified material and be suitable for unrestricted distribution.
  • NWC Press neither offers nor provides compensation for writings accepted for publication and assumes no responsibility for the return of material.
  • Work submitted to the Press should follow the formatting and specifications requirements of the appropriate submissions guide.

For more information, please read the NWC Review Author Submission Guide.