Naval War College Review

Volume 24, Number 4 (1971) April

Wright-Molyneux map of the world circa 1600. A first state of a map by the eminent English globe maker Emery Molyneux done on the new Wright modification of Gerardus Mercator's projection. Edward Wright was the first to demonstrate the true principles upon which maps were to be laid down by means of the tables of meridional parts. This map represents his first attempt. It accompanied Richard Hakluyt's second edition of Principal Navigations (1598-1600). The map is also known as Shakespeare's "New Map," being referred to by the playwright in Twelfth Night (iii, 2), which was produced for the first time In 1601-1602. Reproduced with the kind permission of the Hakluyt Society, c/o British Museum, London, from the Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, Ser. 1, No. 69 (in separate cover).

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