Naval War College Review

Volume 27, Number 6 (1974) November-December

The cover of this issue of the Review is a copy of an engraved plate from L'art des Armées Navales, ou Traité des Évolutions Navales (Lyons, 1727) by Paul Hoste, 1652-1700, French Jesuit and professor of mathematics at the Royal Naval College, Toulon. The work, which first appeared in 1697, is the earliest known study on naval tactics. A 1727 second edition containing additions and corrections is included in the Navy War College Library's Rare Book Collection.

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November-December 1974 Full Issue
The U.S. Naval War College

President's Forum


President's Notes: Challenge!
Julien J. LeBourgeois


Book Reviews


Professional Reading
Charles P. Shirkey and B. M. Blechman


The Nuremberg Fallacy
David W. Elabor and Eugene Davidson


Soviet Naval Developments Capability and Context
B. M. Simpson III and Michael MccGwire

Additional Writings


The Barometer
B. D. Cole, Peter H. Cressy, and Warren H. Winchester