Naval War College Review

Volume 46, Number 1 (1993) Winter

This austere portrait of Luce Hall is evocative of the character of thought conceived, argued about, developed, opposed, advanced, rejected and accepted within its formidable walls. There are bigger buildings at the Naval War College now, but this one, completed 101 years ago, remains the symbol of them all.

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Winter 1993 Full Issue
The U.S. Naval War College

President's Forum


President's Notes
Joseph C. Strasser



The Future of Carrier Aviation
Thomas William Trotter


War Plan Orange: "Powerful Stuff"
Harry D. Train II

Book Reviews


Book Reviews
The U.S. Naval War College


The Sea is at Our Gates,
R.W.H McKillip


The Fall of Eben Emael
Douglas Porch


Wildcat: The F4F in World War II
Robert B. Pinnell


Moira Flanders Wurzel


C 3 I: Issues of Command and Control,
Steven E. Broughall Jr.


Teller's War
Frank C. mahncke

Additional Writing