Naval War College Review


In 1990 John Norton Moore and Robert F. Turner, along with Frederick S. Tipson, published a National Security Law casebook covering a “new field in American law and legal education,” a work designed for “use in law schools, advanced degree programs in international relations and national security, and the nation’s war colleges and service academies—as well as to serve as a handy desk reference for professionals and practitioners.” Since the publication of that first edi- tion the U.S. national security landscape has undergone a radical transforma- tion. Over the last fifteen years the United States has been to war in the Persian Gulf, Europe, and Afghanistan. Moreover, the world has witnessed mass executions in the name of ethnic strife in Africa and Europe, the onset of the “information age,” the rise of China as a military and economic power, an increased proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and a tremendous surge in non-state-sponsored terrorism.