Naval War College Review

Volume 61, Number 2 (2008) Spring

The Naval War College’s Luce Hall, seen from Dewey Field, looking north. Luce Hall, which opened in 1982, was the College’s first purpose-built building. Spruance Hall (1972) and Conolly Hall (1974) are visible in the background. Founders Hall (previously the Newport Asylum for the Poor), in which the College was established in 1884, is out of the picture to the right; it houses today the Naval War College Museum, the Maritime History Department, and the editorial offices of the Naval War College Press.

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The U.S. Naval War College

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From the Editors
Carnes Lord

President's Forum



No Oil for the Lamps of China?
Gabriel B. Collins and William S. Murray

Book Reviews


Chinese Naval Strategy in the 21st Century: The Turn to Mahan
Ralph D. Sawyer, James R. Holmes, and Toshi Yoshihara


China’s Future Nuclear Submarine Force
Alan Wachman, Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, William S. Murray, and Andrew R. Wilson


The War Managers: Thirtieth Anniversary Edition
Peter Grabosky and Douglas Kinnard

Additional Writing


Photograph by Judith Tate, Portsmouth, Rhode Island.