Naval War College Review


The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology is a survey of the cur- rent state of the field as seen by fifty- seven scholars from across the globe. The volume is organized into seven parts: an introduction by the eminent American scholar George F. Bass, one of the pioneers of the field; a section on process, with fifteen topical chapters; on ships and shipwrecks, with sixteen chapters; on maritime culture and life ashore, with seven chapters; on matters “beyond the site,” with eight chap- ters dealing with an eclectic group of topics ranging from maritime history to underwater tourism, international law, heritage site management, and museum issues; a single concluding chapter dealing with future directions; and finally, a section that includes both a glossary of ship terms and an appendix on scientific analyses and dating techniques. Each of the separate chapters includes an extensive and use- ful selected bibliography, and there is a general index of the entire volume.