Naval War College Review


The U.S. Naval Institute on Naval Tactics is a collection of thirteen essays as- sembled by Captain Wayne Hughes, USN (Ret.)—author of several books, most notably Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat and Military Modeling for Deci- sion Making. Captain Hughes is also an accomplished naval officer, having served as commanding officer of USS Hummingbird (MSC 192) and USS Morton (DD 948). Notable authors appearing in On Tactics include Admiral Woodward, RN, who commanded British forces in the Falklands War, and Giuseppe Fioravanzo, Admiral of the Fleet, Italian Navy. On Tactics is part of the U.S. Naval Institute’s new Wheel Books series, which is a collection of books containing some of the Naval Institute’s most well-regarded articles from Proceedings—and other sources— on such topics as naval leadership, command, strategy, and cooperation.