Naval War College Review

Volume 27, Number 5 (1974) September-October

"Open Sea" by Joseph R. Corish from his series on "The Golden Age of the Clipper Ship." Mr. Corish is the artist in residence for the First Naval District who specializes in marine painting and sketching; he has painted most of the great wind ships that came near Boston in the last haft-century, His "Golden Age of Sail" exhibit will be shown at the Naval War College in September.

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September-October 1974 Full Issue
The U.S. Naval War College

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Professional Reading
Jeffrey P. Bacher and B. Franklin Cooling


The Admiral's Wolf Pack
John R. Devereaux and Jean Noli


The Imperial Presidency
Bernard D. Cole and Arthur M. Schlesinger

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The Barometer
A. Jerome McGlynn and B. R. Jackson